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The development of the Ranger Tug is fascinating. The R-21 started its life as a 5/8 scale Bristol Bay Trawler. Gradual changes have been made – the boat lengthened slightly and in the last instance, the cabin extended. The boats are built by a team of dedicated and passionate boat builders focussed on producing a craft with that integrity factor.

Based in Kent, near Seattle in the US State of Washington, the founder – Howard (‘Smitty’) Smith retired in 1998. John Livingston and his family, who have an enormous pedigree with boating research and development, snapped up the business and absorbed it into their quality boat building enterprise – Fluid Motion LLC, which commenced in 1958.


Ranger Tugs ranked eighth in market share in the US in 2009 for fiberglass inboard boats 24 feet and larger and it ranked fifth in the same category in 2010. There are more than 1,000 Ranger Tugs owners in North America and its line of shallow-draft, fuel-efficient boats is well-positioned to grow internationally.

Where The Passion Began...

Growing up the Livingston family spent weekends on the water, experiencing boating in a great variety of conditions, primarily in the Northwest: crossing the Straits of Juan De Fuca with huge tide changes, strong winds, and rollers from the Pacific; exploring and fishing in Canadian, Alaskan, and Florida's coastal waters. Whilst these were family affairs and fun times, David Livingston was always testing new models or ideas for his Livingston Boat Company, Reinell, Bayliner, Wellcraft, and Regal.

The Livingston’s have incorporated these ideas and experiences of insatiable users into the structure, design, and quality of these Ranger Tugs.

David Livingston is probably the most accomplished boat designer in the world. Creator of thousands of models for various manufacturers, he can boast that more people have owned a boat that he built than any other designer in the world. The Livingston’s concentrate on one model at a time, from ideation through in-house design, testing, and manufacturing.

A look at this web site will immediately reveal boats with stacks of appeal. They’re better ‘in the flesh’.
Ranger Tugs have great credibility. The high demand, given the relatively small number available, enhances their profile – further adding to the prestige of both the new purchase price and the resale value. These boats remove the ‘fear factor’ and place an owner in a comfort zone of no stress, no hurry and total fascination. Everyone is always in awe of the high quality workmanship and performance this genuine ‘replica’ of times past provides.


Ranger Tugs Australia & New Zealand was established in Sydney in 2008, with all models of the Ranger Tugs fleet built to Australian Standards. The introduction of Ranger Tugs to Australia & New Zealand in their 50th Anniversary year has resulted in more than 40 Ranger Tugs now cruising Australian waters in 2013.

Expansion to all Australian states and New Zealand is now complete, with dealership headquarters established in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and Auckland. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with Ranger Tugs in Australia or New Zealand is nothing but a great one!  Call Ranger Tugs today for more information on these outstanding vessels.